Recently the Switzerland international and Stoke City FC midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri has expressed his feelings towards the Manchester City’s new boss Pep Guardiola as he believes that Guardiola is a good coach, but not a good communicator.


The former Bayern Munich midfielder has already struggled under the management of Guardiola at the Bayern Munich and so he left the German giant to join the English club Stoke City FC because of the lack of opportunities to play for the first team.

The 24-years-old midfielder has to say that his former coach Guardiola is a good coach, but a poor communicator, his communications with the players was not good, he doesn’t say to the players why he has been benched.

In an interview with the Daily Mail before his Premier League match against his former coach Pep Guardiola’s team Manchester City Shaqiri said, “He is a very good coach in terms of what happens on the pitch but his communication was not so good with me,"

"Guardiola doesn't talk too much about this [leaving players out]. He doesn't say to the players why.

"Of course sometimes that's difficult for a player, especially when you are working well and training well. And especially when he speaks around the media and says 'He is good, he is good. He is the best player'.

"I see Hart on the bench. I don't know the real problem but in every club there will be new problems. New coaches and new staff want to work with new players. Maybe they don't like this player. This is what happens at all clubs. Look at Manchester United with [Bastian] Schweinsteiger."

The star midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri has also admitted that he would like to see Guardiola’s success in the Premier League as Shaqiri thinks, it won’t be an easy task for him because the English Premier League is a tough competition,

He said, “In the end we won the title [at Bayern] and I hope he can do it here with Man City, but it's a different league and a different team and this will be the hardest year ever in his career, you saw against Sunderland how difficult it will be for him”

"This league is crazier than ever. The best players and the best coaches are all here now. It's amazing. This is a very tough league and we will see what happens for him." He added.