Paris Saint Germain: Neymar brings more attention to PSG- Figo


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The former Barcelona star Luis Figo believes that now Paris Saint Germain has reckoned on the global stage.

The Portuguese ponder that because of the Sumer transfer of the Neymar Paris Saint Germain side is forced to be noticed.

In the transfer season, Paris Saint Germain side brought Neymar for a record €222 million and that caught the eye of everyone.

Figo said: "Neymar is one of the best players in the world,"

"He brings more quality to the squad of Paris Saint-Germain and that makes PSG a much stronger team.

"In terms of visibility, it attracts a lot more people’s attention too."

Last season Paris Saint Germain side lost their league title to Monaco and because of that this season they went on a shopping inebriety and spent more over €400 million to bring Neymar from Barcelona and Mbappe from Monaco.

Figo thinks that other European clubs will fall short against PSG when it comes to competing against them in financial terms, also thinks that as long as they are not violating any FIFA fair play rule there is nothing to be said about them.

Figo added: "Paris Saint-Germain has a big financial potential. It’s hard [for other clubs] to fight in this kind of situation but if [PSG] respects the norms and rules of FFP, there is nothing to say,"

Right now an investigating is going on PSG by UEFA.