Ozil’s international career is over:Low

Football News: The world cup winner has hinted he is open to return to the national side but his manager is not looking for the same

Low ruled out the prospect of Ozil’s return to the national team.

After the world cup 2018, Ozil has been accused by the German Football Federation Reinhard Grindel of discrimination and incompetence and because of that the German midfielder put curtain to his international football.

He get outburst when he felt he was getting targeted by the German football federation after he met the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan in the month of May.

After that the 29 year old avouches that he won’t be available for Germany as he felt Racism and disrespect, and suggested that he could be return to Germany if there would be some institutional changes in German football federation.

But the German manage in charge believes his international career is over.

He stated: "In my view, Mesut Ozil has clearly declared his retirement and closed the door by himself with that, so a comeback is not a topic,"

Low stated last week he tried to get in touch with Ozil but he failed and also admitted that he felt disappointed that the star did not inform him about his intentions.

He voiced: "Mesut did not call me, not to this very day,"

"I tried to reach him several times in the past two weeks, via text message, via phone. Mesut has decided to take this path. I must accept it.

"Ozil has been my player for nine years. We've experienced a lot together. A few lows, but more highs. We've won the World Cup. This will still stay forever.

"I am still of the opinion that he was one of the best players we had in Germany in the last 20, 30 years. One day, we'll have a conversation. I would have wished for him to inform me personally, and I was disappointed at first."