The 48 year old former English international and Football pundit Paul Merson thinks that the Arsenal can lose their star players in the next season and they will also not able to recruit new players if they fails to qualify for the Champions league next season.


According to Paul Merson if the Gunners fail to finish at the top four of the EPL table, they can lose many top players next season.

Merson found that this is the first time he saw Arsenal manager Arsene wenger in pressure in his 20 years coaching career with them.

In the recent past the Arsenal team was thrashed down by the German champions at the Allianz Arena by 5-1 goals,

And they are on the verge of getting knocked out of the tournament from the seventh successive time.

In the EPL they will face a tough fight to hold their spot on the top four of the table, right now the Liverpool and Manchester United are breathing down their neck to make a spot in the top four.

He voiced: "If they don't finish in the top four this season, they will just be an also-ran club for a few years,"

"Sanchez will go and I don't see Ozil staying there. They have a lot of players who have been there a long time.

"If they don't finish in the top four I don't see a world-class player going to play for Arsenal next season.

"If that doesn't happen, how are they going to get in the top four next season? Man City will buy again, Man United will buy again, Chelsea will buy again.

"Maybe Tottenham won't because of their new stadium but Liverpool will buy again. All of a sudden Arsenal get left behind."

The Gunners manger is as penetrable as he has ever been at Arsenal, also wants his player to take the blame for the current situation of the club.

He voiced: "I know it's been same old, same old for the last three or four years, but the other night [at Bayern] was the first time I have seen him look lost.

"Even in the press conference, he went in with the thought that he was in trouble. That is the first time I have really seen him like that. Usually he is quite confident and he will get out of it by saying the right words.