After winning the gold, the 24-years-old Brazilian forward expressed that he is so happy for helping the team to win the gold and he gave his eve thing to achieve the title but now he feels like, his critics will have to shut up.


The Brazil and Barcelona’s star forward Neymar led his country to the glory of the Rio Olympic 2016. After Saturday’s win over the Germany football team in the final, Brazil has won their first ever Olympic title.

After the match, in an interview Neymar said, “This is one of the best things that have happened in my life. That's it,"

"I can't begin to describe my feelings. I have fulfilled my dream and to have fulfilled it in my home country makes me very proud."

"Now my critics will have to shut up.”

And the Brazilian shot stopper Weverton Pereira da Silva also praises the Brazilian star Neymayr,

Weverton said, “"God has blessed me. The gold is ours, but it belongs to God.

"I told Neymar that God had given him a second chance. God loves Neymar like he loves all this team." He added.