In the next season the Euro cup runner up Antonio Griezmann could leave his club , and that can allow his compatriot to step in an became the key player of the club.


Previous season Cristianao Ronaldo lifted the Champions league trophy with his club and the Atletico Madrid man Griezmann looked at, and after two months the same scenario was there when Ronaldo’s Portugal defeated Griezmann’s France in the EURO Cup final in their home soil,

In that final Gameiro was on the bench and watched his side fallen apart against the Portugal side, but last season he had won the Europa league with his club and that gave him consolation.

With the PSG side, he won the Ligue 1 crown with them and in La Liga with Sevilla he played three consecutive Europa league finals with them,

At the beginning of this season he joins the Ateltico Madrid side for €32 million, and in there he got the company his compatriot Antonio Griezmann.

On international level, he scored two goals against Bulgaria in the world cup qualifying round,

Gameiro thinks that he does not get the credit what he deserves there.

Gameiro said: "I was a little forgotten this last while,"

"I've been at Sevilla for three years and I've managed to make a name for myself.

"It's true that Sevilla are not well publicised in France unfortunately – because they're really a very big club with history."

The Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone knows the ability of Gameiro,

About Gameiro he said: "Gameiro's entry was decisive,"

"Luckily it went well and he was decisive in the move that led to the goal. 

"He and Griezmann know each other. He has talent, speed and can take advantage of small spaces. We hope he will keep growing as a player."

The striker established himself as an integral player for them so now Atletico Madrid fans do not have to worry if Griezmann leaves.