The 46 year old former Spanish footballer Luis Enrique made him wakes up to something that he had to lose his weight if he wants to realize his potential.

The 30 year old Spanish footballer is thankful to the Barcelona manger Luis Enrique, he helped his to realize his true potential, he told him to give up on cakes then he can finally understand his true probability.

Spanish international has played his part under Luis Enrique at Barcelona B, before he joins the Celta Vigo at 2013,and now he will play against him in the champions league when the Sky Blues {Manchester City} will travel the Camp Nou.

The former Barcelona winger almost returned to Barcelona in January before he moved out to the Manchester City but he admits that the 46 year old has been an eventual for his carrier.

"Luis Enrique appeared at a moment in my career where it was either take a step forward or a step back," he said in an interview with the Guardian.

"I was at Barcelona B with him, then Celta. He bet very, very heavily on me and supported me. He made me see football differently, convincing me I could really make it.

"I [had] always played carrying extra kilos. He made me see that it was fundamental to lose weight, 10 kilos, to make the breakthrough. 

"He was pesado [insistent], for my own good. It was hard, but there's been a massive change. Brutal.

"He was on at me every day; he's been fundamental for my career. The cakes, the bread, the Coke: it's all good but for my profession it was s***. 

"I'd train then eat: train, eat, train, eat. I was a fish biting its own tail. Eventually, you realise an elite player has to be fino [slim]."