No Messi or Ronaldo is good enough for Manchester City:Silva

 The Portuguese superstar has played side by side with many superstars in his life at the club and in international level but he feels that his club side has the benefit point not having such players who can be their focal point.

The Portuguesse attacking midfielder Bernardo Silva claims that the strength of thier squad is not having such players like Messi or Ronaldo in their ranks.

Few teams in the football galaxy considered themselves to be better off without those five-time Ballon d’Or winners in their ranks and Silva feels that Man City one of those clubs.

The eternal rivals of Messi and Ronaldo have been going on over more than last decade and they have taken the bar of individual excellence to never been seen heights.

Though the EPL giants Manchester City focus on collective team game rather than focusing on one’s individual brilliance and Pep Guardiola pieced all the together and comprise them as a team.

Silva who plays alongside Ronaldo on the international level believes that the methodology of his club is to be perfect for any team.

“Every player has their place on the team and all players feel equally important. I think that is the main strength of our team.”