The 69 year old Brazilian forward Tostao believes that the 24 year old Brazilian has already elapsed Brazilian greats like Romario and Ronaldo.


Former Brazil international believes that the 24 year old wonder kid has already outdone his former compatriot Romario and Ronaldo and he thinks


He can achieve everything in his life; he has that everything what will make him the country's greatest same level with Pele.

The Barcelona winger just sits behind the former Inter Milan forward Ronaldo in Brazil’s all time goal scoring list, but Tostao put him ahead of both poignant strikers.

All time brazil legend Pele is sitting top in the brazil’s goal scoring charts, and then there is Ronaldo and Romario is there, Neymer is sitting next behind them.


"Neymar is already better than Romario and Ronaldo, more complete. He has it all," Tostao told El Pais. "Romario and Ronaldo were great at certain specific things.

"I do not know whether he will become the best player in the world, but there is no doubt about it that he is a phenomenon and a spectacular player. He has all the skills an attacker needs to have. 

"He shoots well, is intelligent, passes well, draws fouls and is very fast. He might not be there just yet, but he can become Brazil's greatest ever since Pele.

"He is not the best in the world right now because of the presence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But he is better than others who were the best in the world in their days, like Rivaldo, Kaka and Luis Figo.

"Of course, he still has room for improvement, but his figures are impressive."