The former Brazil football coach believes that the Brazilian superstar will surpass Cristaino Ronaldo and Messi soon and he has been in an impressive form with his national squad with the new coach.


The World cup winning coach believes that Neymar will win Ballon d’Or winner within a few years.

Under him the Brazil national squad won the FIFA world cup, after that once again he was handed the duty of the Brazil national squad in 2014 and then under him they reached to the semifinals round after that he left the job and now enjoying his coaching in China with Guangzhou Evergrande.

According to him the Selecao captain will win the trophy, it is a matter of time for him now.

He added: “I do believe [that Neymar will win the Ballon d’Or], just not quite yet,"

"I would say that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will again compete for the award, but two years from now I would put Neymar at their level and believe he could well dethrone one of them.

“Neymar is a phenomenon.”

The former Brazilian coach expressed  about his Frustrating period that he suffered at Chelsea where he last only for 8 months after that he left that club.

He voiced: "I left Chelsea having done a reasonably good job. We were still the Champions League, the FA Cup and [fourth] in the Premier League, but things work did not evolve as I had wanted, because of the lack of a good relationship with two or three players,”

"My pride was hurt because I believed that if I continued to work the way I always worked, everything would work out."

Scolari accolade about the new Brazilian coach Tite who resurgent the Brazilain squad, and now under him Brazilian team won all the matches so far since June 2016.

He elucidated: "Tite's Brazil are playing very well,”

“They are playing with the identity of their coach, the identity of the public and with the identity of the country. They are a team that must be respected.”