Neymar does not want to leave PSG: Neymar’s father


This season also the speculation regarding a return to Spain continues to get linked with the former Barcelona superstar Neymar, but he wishes to stay at France.

Neymar’s father also claimed that the superstar does not want to leave the French capital side PSG and he has also said that the PSG fans can sleep easy as the transfer speculation about Neymar shut down.

Since the day Neymar left Barcelona for the French giants PSG for  record-breaking €222 million (£192m/$250m, his future at France has called in question.

His return to Spain has been in altercate for the Brazilian international, with a second stint with Barcelona or a new spell with the Los Blancos side.

Thought the Brazilian is tied up in a long term deal with PSG and he intends to honour it.

Neymar Santos Sr(Neymar’s father ) voiced: “The contract is long with PSG.

“We are only in the second season and it is not even over yet. We have a contract we are not even halfway through.

“These rumours of departure will always exist, we cannot have a player like Neymar without clubs dreaming about him.”

He continues: “Neymar’s desire to be at PSG was expressed two years ago, so the fans can sleep easy.

“Today Neymar does not want to leave PSG, he wants to continue to help the club win titles.”