Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane belives that Neymar didn't evoked his opponents, as claims say that the star is on work. The Frenchman simply said that Neymar is on own game and not in other works



Neymar was censured on the ground that he provoked his opponents in the game where Barcelona won over Leganes on 5-1. Coach Zidane does not belive in those rumours about the star and commented that he plays his own game and does not stick to the other works.


"I cannot watch inside Neymar's head, but I don't think it's a provocation," said Zidane.

"Everyone interprets football as they see fit and he interprets it his way. And he does things that not many players can do.

"I don't see it as him provoking [his opponents]."

"It's annoying that you keep asking me about James," added the Real Madrid coach.

"It seems that you have something against him. But he has to convince me that he should play, just like all the other players.

"He's doing well and my idea is to give the whole team minutes when I can.