The Portuguese coach believes and is very much confidant about the fact that the Indian Players signed by the clubs are of very good quality and they are very hard working too.


Nelo Vingada the present coach of the FC NorthEast United has stated that a total of 6 numbers of foreign players have been signed by the club after he took the powers in his hands by Sergio Farias fiasco  the former Manager of NorthEast United.


The former coach of Saudi Arabia when being asked about his satisfaction level regarding the kind of team he has got, he said before he arrived to Mumbai the club had already bought overseas players and have also selected the list for the Indian players as well.  


“When I came here to Mumbai to sign for the club, they already had signed five foreigners and of course, the Indian players were chosen.


Nelo Vagnada also claimed that Didier Zokora is yet fit to join the side and play for them,



“For me if I were the coach from the start, I could have found a few foreign players. Some of the foreign players they had signed, I didn’t know them so well. The foreign goalkeeper (Wellington Lima Gomes), Wellington Priori, Romaric, Emiliano Alfaro came through my approval. Didier Zokora, I have seen him play earlier at Sevilla and I approved it. Fabio Neves, who was playing in Korea, was my choice too and after his injury, the Japanese player (Robert Cullen) is expected to join.



“I am happy that the players who were chosen are good.  Katsumi Yusa never played in the Indian Super League (ISL) and he arrived in India five years ago. Rowllin Borges is one of our best players and is playing for the first time in ISL. This means the choice of players signed before were good,” he replied.