The 24-year-old Gunners defender urged his teammates to close down their ears when they will take on west Ham.


The German defender wants to block anti-Arsenal protest when they will play against the West Ham side.

The London-based side only won their last three matches in their last ten matches in all competition, today they will play against the West Ham side at the Emirates stadium.

And this season everyone point their finger out at the French manager Arsene Wenger as this season the Arsenal side face humiliation in the Champions league, and there are immense pressure on him to leave his post, but the Arsene Wenger said that he has taken a decision but he right now not in a mood to disclose it publicly.

And the Arsenal supports are ready to protest against him before tonight’s game; under his wing, the Arsenal side won their last league title in the year of 2004.

But the Arsenal defender said: "The most important thing is to close the ears and focus on what is happening on the pitch.

"We can't focus on the speculation and everything around us. It's the wrong time. We should just focus on what's happening on the pitch.

"Wenger has been here 20 years, he knows what he has to do. Now it's the players who have to go on the pitch and put in the performances.

"If he says he wants to leave or wants to stay, is it really going to help or will it make it worse? Who knows? It's difficult to speak about those things."

In their last match against the Manchester City, the Arsenal defender scored a goal for his side,

And he added: "We are not only paid for playing football but to be professional as well. It is part of our job to have a little bit thicker skin. 

"In the days that we live in now, it is difficult because you see it everywhere, on TV, then you have social media where you see a lot of things. Sometimes you don't want to see it, even when you want to just text with friends or look at pictures that your family posted or whatever. 

"You get to see pictures that maybe you don't want to see and then you read them and it might make you think about things that you should not think about. 

"We are professionals and we get paid for that as well, to be professional on that part as well, not only on the pitch. That is what we have to do — be professionals."