Under the Portuguese the club has started this season very poor way after 2004 and the Portuguese thinks that they are the most unlucky team in the Premier league side.


The special one thinks that they should have won the match last night by 3-1, but he thinks that they are the unlucky last night.

Last night in that FOOTBALL MATCH that was played between the two giants where the Red Devils took the advantage in the 68 th minutes, the Spaniard Juan Mata a brilliant goal for them, and they were hoping to win the game in their home soil against the Gunners then in the last dying minutes the Frenchman scored a equalizer for the away team and took one point from the Old Trafford.

The Red Devils draws three successive matches in their home ground by so far and now they are sitting sixth in the table.

The special one is frustrated now and he told that: "We are the unluckiest team in the Premier League.

"In the last three matches at home, against Stoke we have to win 5 or 6-0 and we draw, against Burnley we have to win 5 or 6-0 and we draw and today we have to win 2 or 3-0 and we draw too, so I think we are the unluckiest team.

"But the team is playing well, the team is working really well."

The special one coach thinks they played well throughout the match and they deserve the all three points last night and he also impressed with the performance of his back four, how they hold back Arsenal attack all out the match.

The Red Devil manager added:

"We were the best team by far. I don't want to say they didn't want to win, but they had no chances to win,"

"They couldn't be Arsenal the way they normally play football. We were phenomenal defensively – the way we pressed, we were very strong without the ball, controlled their counter-attacks, their best players.

"When we had the ball we were very comfortable. We played quality football, we scored a fantastic goal. We had chances to kill the game. The Marcos Rojo and [Paul] Pogba situations for the 2-0 were open goals and then the only time we had a situation that we couldn't resolve they scored the goal.