The former Manchester United coach believes that this season the Manchester united having facing the same problem that they face few years ago under him {Moyes}, and he thinks that it was not singularly down to him only.

In this season Manchester United hired the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho as their new manager and yet they are facing some problems in this season they are not able to play as a team and they are also lost few matches in the Europa league recently, Moyes thinks that he is not the only one who did not made it out at the Old Trafford.

In 2013 Moyes succeeded the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at the Old Trafford, but they sacked him after just eight months, because under him the team faces several losses and did not qualify for the Champions league Football.

After Moyes the Red Devils hired the Dutchman Louis Van Gaal as their new manager but he cannot change the situation at there and lastly they signed the special one as their new manager but still the situation is same
Moyes thinks the still now under Mourinho they are facing same problems so he put his spell in perspective.

"In some ways it does show that it maybe was not just down to Moyes," the current Sunderland boss was quoted as saying by The Mirror. "Do Mourinho and Van Gaal's struggles put my reign in context? I am glad you are saying that, because I have always felt that.

"The Manchester United job will be tough for anybody who takes it, whether it be Mourinho, Van Gaal or Moyes. It is always going to be a tough job, because you are following probably the finest manager in our time.

"Manchester United need stability, and it is a football club that has always trusted itself, trusted its managers, believed in their managers, and certainly given their managers time to do the right job. It is a great club.