The Manchester United manager wants Pogba to lose his title (The World most expensive player) so he can blossom for the Manchester Unite side.


The Red devil's manager believes the huge transfer fee of Pogba becomes a burden on him this season.

In this season Pogba rejoins the Manchester United side from Juventus side for £89.3million.

This season the French international fails to live up to the expectation as this season he was accused of trying too many things to impress during the season.

The Portuguese manager believes this season he has done well for the Manchester United side particularly In the Europa league but he wishes this season he wants someone else to get the title so the pressure shifts from his shoulder.

Mourinho said: "I think the problem is the tag, the price tag on his back. I hope next summer he's not anymore the highest transfer fee and then the pressure goes to somebody else.

"If his transfer fee was half of it, everybody would say 'what a buy,' 'he's playing more than good'. But everybody expects performances according to that huge transfer fee and that brings pressure and that brings sometimes unfair analysis.

"He had very good matches, he had very good performances. He always sacrifices for the team. If I go for example to Rostov, the way he played in Rostov was amazing.

"He had little matches where the performance was not so good but normally the performance is related to the team. So when the team was very good, he was very good. When the team didn't perform so well, he didn't perform so well.

"So I think it's a bit unfair. I hope next season some club beats the record with another player and then the pressure goes somewhere else."

The Portuguese manager believes that he can be the world’s greatest player if he continues to play for United.

He voiced: "I never liked too much 'the best in the world' – you never say the goalkeeper is 'the best in the world', you only say [Fabio] Cannavaro if somebody decided to say a central defender is the best in the world. The best in the world is almost always the goalscorer. It's a bit unfair,"

"So to say the best in the world is difficult to say. I think to be the best midfield player, I think so. I don't see another one with everything he has.

He has to develop; of course he has to develop. But he has the physicality, he has the brain, he's very skilful, he's very agile for that huge body he has.

"He's good in the air defensively, attacking… He's a very good free-kick taker, so if Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] gives him permission to take more, he would score a few goals. I think he has everything."