The 53 year old Manchester Unite coach admitted that their new player whom they brought from Juventus is a remarkable player.


The 23 year old French international and Manchester United player is playing formidable football with the Red Devils this season, and finally he is finding his rhythm in the English football.

This season the Red Devils side brought the player form the Juventus with a world record fee and the Portuguese manager thinks that the money worth him.

According to Mourinho the French superstar develop himself to a phenomenal player, abreast the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

In United’s last match Pogba netted the late winner for the Manchester United against Middlesbrough, also this season he scored four goals for them and also assisted three times for them in his 18 emergences for them.

After the resurrection of Pogba Mourinho thinks he can became the world’s best and he can also he can also win the Ballon d'Or award with a little change of attitude.

Mourinho voiced: “What has to change is the people's minds, because a goalkeeper never won the Ballon d'Or, very rarely a defender won it. Maldini never won it. Even for midfield players it is not easy, because everybody goes for the goalscorer,”

“Michael Owen was the golden ball winner because of his goals. Cristiano and Lionel Messi score goals. They are phenomenal players, but they score a lot of goals. I think until you change the concept and the vision it is very difficult.

“But if Paul keeps improving in this way, if Manchester United keep improving and doing well in European football then I think he can be a phenomenal player.”

Now the Portuguese manager is using 4-3-3 formation with the Manchester United side, he is using the formation to accommodate the Frenchman.

Mourinho added: “He plays with freedom. He gets into dangerous positions. He has a good shot so he can score goals from outside (the box) and is good in the air. So he can score goals like against Middlesbrough or even from set pieces,”

“On Saturday he almost killed someone that was behind the goal, but he is a good free kick taker so he can also score goals like that. He's a good penalty taker, but no problem because we don't get penalties!"