The Portuguese Manager of Manchester United Jose Mourinho thinks that the Red Devils will reach to the end of the month without having their fourth transfer target.


This season Manchester United landed three players to the Old Trafford which cost them over £150m-Victor Lindelof, Romelu Lukaku,  and Nemanja Matic.

In their first match against West Ham Mourinho puts the last two players in the starting lineup and they bulldozed the West Ham side in their opening match by 4-0 goals.

Right now the Special one is happy about the Manchester United squad and he has told Ed Woodward( the Chief executive of Manchester United) to “be cool” over the pursuit of the fourth target.

Manchester United will face Swansea in their next EPL match and questioned asked to the Manchester United boss whether he is expecting a future signing for Manchester United.

He Replied: "I don't think we are unless something happened that put us in the market again.

"I told Mr Woodward that obviously my plans were four, but I also told him 'be cool, no pressure from me, do what you think is best for the club'.

"We will be together again for another transfer window in January and another next summer, so there is no pressure from me at all. I'm happy with the squad we have and I'm ready to go without the fourth player.

"If we are out of the market, I'm fine. I'm ready."

This season also Mourinho focused on his “stability and discipline” will be the same though in their first match their new striker Lukaku scored two goals for them and on the midfield Matic shines for them.

Mourinho voiced: "We are not the favourites, not the dream team."

"I liked a lot. The fact the three subs – normally disappointed to be on the bench – even for five minutes like Jesse Lingard, 10 like Anthony Martial, 15 like Marouane Fellaini – they performed at the same level [as the starting XI].

"Even in thestands I had good players I didn't even select. I'm happy but its just the beginning. Last season we had three matches and nine points and we finished sixth, so I'm not going to lose my stability and my discipline because of the first day."