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The 54 year old Manchester United manager confronts the fact that he Squandered his chances during his tenure at Chelsea since he was unable to understand the Importance of FA cup.


The Red Devils head coach Mourinho avouched on the fact that Managers unaware of English culture cannot fully understand the importance of Lifting an FA cup.

And he also acknowledge that fact that he was also standing in the same line of those managers.

He now regrets that he couldn't  able to come to terms of the importance of FA Cup as he always has his priorities for Champions league and League Cup than the oldest tournament in the football history.

Manchester United will clash against Black burn Rovers in the fifth round of the FA Cup

he said: “Maybe we don't have as many English managers with that culture as we should.

“Maybe we foreign managers… not everybody studies and understands the culture of this country. [The upsets are] because of attitude. Because you think it's easy and it's not easy. Also, the lower leagues' teams are getting better and better.”

During his interview  he was very  elaborate about how he didn't paid any heeds towards FA Cup as “Yes, I threw it away.

“In the same week was Champions League against Barcelona (a 1-0 defeat) and the [Carling Cup] final against Liverpool (a victory on penalties) and in the middle of it we had FA Cup against Newcastle and I threw it away, I gambled too much.

“I focused too much on Barcelona and Liverpool. It was good because we beat Barcelona and won the final against Liverpool. So it was good. But the feeling that I threw it away was not good. So I don't throw it away.

“If I lose, I lose because the opponent was better or because we didn't play well but I am not going to throw it away. In my case, I had immediately in my first time, that situation with the match at Newcastle. So for me it was a lesson.”

Though in his long career span he was able to taste the FA Cup success once in 2007 with Chelsea.