The Current Manchester United manager has just revealed the difference between his Former side Real Madrid and his current team.


The Manchester United manager says that he has had to adapt the quality of his team players; he also claims that his current side is slower than his former Real Madrid side.

The special one in his spell at Madrid he has won the LaLiga, the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa de Espana with the Madrid side after that he made his return to the EPL and take the helm of Chelsea.

In the 2011-12 season, the real Madrid side scored league-best 121 goals under Mourinho and also in that season they won their domestic league under him,

In that season the Madrid side also won 16 away games,

This season the Manchester United side doing well under him and also they are now sitting in the fifth spot on the table but  they are unable to deliver the performance what everyone is looking forward to,

The manager thinks with his new side he cannot play counter attacking football with them as united team is limited given their lack of pace,
Question asked to him if he does not like the possession-based football,


He replied: "That is not true. This season, we have an enormous percentage of ball possession in almost all our matches. But again, everything depends on the technical characteristics of the players that you have at your disposal. On what will enable the team to win.

"People sometimes confuse ball possession with the number of goals you score. They forget that the aim is to always score and win. At Real, I had a team that broke the record for the number of goals scored in the history of the Spanish league: 121 goals in one season. It was the best in the world in terms of transition play, in terms of being effective in recovery, and then in terms of projecting the ball towards the goal.77

"Cristiano Ronaldo was 27, [Angel] Di Maria was 23, [Karim] Benzema and [Gonzalo] Higuain were 23 or 24. It was the team that killed everyone. Why would I change that? Because the Manchester United team is different. It is slower. They do not have quick players and have a desire to have the ball, in order to be dominant with play.

"Zlatan Ibrahimovic needs touches of the ball in order to play. [Ander] Herrera, [Michael] Carrick and [Paul] Pogba, too. Sometimes, in the last 20 minutes, I explore other options, and I put Marcus Rashford on to go in another direction. But, generally, I try to make do with the qualities that my players have.

"My team plays in this way or that way because that corresponds to the players that I have. It is as simple as that. If I tried to play on the counter with Manchester United, I am in s**t. If you want to play possession with a team where the players dribble a lot, take the maximum risks, push forward quickly, I would kill the potential of the players.

"I could have said to Di Maria, who was faster than an arrow: 'You do not dribble, you play with one touch, you pass the ball, because I do not want to lose'. But I prefer to play with the qualities that my players have."