Manchester United side through to the Europa league semi final last night but Jose Mourinho knows that it did not come easily.


Last night Manchester United side host the Spanish side Celta in their home ground for the Europa league second leg semi-final and the Portuguese manager believes that his side suffers until the last second against their counterpart.

In that match Marouane Fellaini scored an early goal for the host side but just after that the Celta defender Facundo Roncaglia scored a crucial goal for them and that sparked a tensed ending to the game.

After that, the Celta Vigo defender and the Manchester United defender Erick Bailly both were sent off as both of them were involved in a fight.

John Guidetti unable to score an open goal with the last kick of the game and that made united saw off Celta Vigo to the final.

Mourinho said: "We were the best team in the first leg but we never kill [the game off],"

"We never score goals related to the chances we have. It was an open game at home, all the pressure on our side.

"They were completely free of responsibility and gave us a very hard match. We suffered until the end and it was open until the last second. But the boys gave everything they had. I'm really pleased for them.

"Now, after 14 matches, we are in the final. If we win the Europa League I am more than happy. It would be amazing."

Billy’s absence will cause problem to the united side as they do not have many players fit to play the final and now he will not be there for them in the final.

Mourinho voiced: "I didn't see the red card incident but Eric Bailly was phenomenal,"

"The game was emotional for everyone. Some kept control better than others.

"Facundo Roncaglia is not new in these situations, Bailly was probably naive. We now lose a very important player for the final, and we don't have many."