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In this upcoming season the Manchester United are planning to land three or four players.


The 54 year old Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho claims that this season the Red Devils can rope three or four players, but they are not going to prepare a large amount of money for someone.

In the last season the Manchester United side signs the French international from Juventus and they spent a world record fee to bring the Frenchman to the Old Trafford.

This season the Portuguese manager claims that the Red Devils are in a good shape for the summer transfer window.

He added: "Everything is balanced and I think our summer [activity] will be quite small,"

This season the Manchester United side has rebuilt their squad after Sir Alex Ferguson as they are eager to find the spot in the Europe what they deserve.

Ed Woodward, the executive vice chairman of Manchester United says that: "churning through a large number of players"

The special one understands the thing as he told that he is not expecting four players to join their team.

He added: "He's completely right,"

"Of course we speak about what's next and we know that we have a squad that, like every squad, needs changes.

"But we know also that our squad has potential, our squad has good players, many of them in the best age, the age of evolution and it's not our philosophy, independent of the numbers – can you spend £1 million, £10m or £100m? – independent of the numbers, it's also the philosophy, the idea and we look at it in this way.

"We prefer to bring two, three or four players but good players, players that feel an idea, a football that we try to play, that can improve our squad. We are not interested in selling six or seven and buying six or seven and, from this six or seven, only one or two are great quality or the others are the same as the ones we are selling.

"We are not going to play this game. We are stable, so we think that our market in the summer will be soft, will be natural: some players to leave, some players to come but in a very natural way."