The former Manchester United legend Eric Cantona thinks the EFL will be the first of a number of  the big trophies for the Red Devils.


The 50 year old Frenchman thinks that Under Moruinho's wing Manchester United will win a plethora of trophies.

Mouirnho won this trophy three times  when he was back in charge at Chelsea and today once again he is in the final with the Red Devils and today he will face Southampton.

Eric Cantona has his full faith on Jose Mourinho and he belies under Mouirnho's tenure Manchester will achieve some glory.

On Manchester's website he added: "I think [United] will win more than one trophy this season and the first one will be [the EFL Cup],"

"Mourinho is a winner – he has won a lot of things and he is a great manager. I think United will win many things.

"The first one is important, I think. In a club like United, of course, you have the pressure of winning things so, when you win one, you have less pressure. But people ask for more of course, and Mourinho doesn't have any kind of problem with the pressure.

"He has been around for many years, he has been a manager of many great clubs and has won things with all of them, and improved the team every time, so he will win. They will win [the final], don't worry!"

The 50 year old Eric Cantona believes the special one worked hard to deliver a more exciting kind of football since he has arrived at Manchester United.

He added: "I think [Mourinho] plays more attacking football than he used to play and he tries to understand the expectation all the time [at United],"

"He is a very intelligent man, very clever, and he has a great sense of humour. I always said that before he came to United. He takes all the pressure on him, he doesn't care about any kind of pressure.

"He's great psychologically. He takes all the pressure on him so it's less pressure on others and so the players can enjoy [their football]."