Last night the Manchester United take on against the Russian club Rostov and the Manchester United manager is happy the way his boys performed against them.


The special one is happy the way the Red Devils performed against the Russian team in the Europa league, as they score an important crucial goal there.

In that match on the first half the Manchester United attacker Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the first goal for the visitors and gave the Visitors a lead but in the second period Aleksandr Bukharov scored the equalizing goal for the home side.

Though the Manchester United did not manage to take a monumental lead against their counterpart but the manager is happy how his men played at those tough conditions and after few days the second leg will be held at the Old Trafford.

After the match Mourinho said: "It was a very good performance in relation to the conditions,"

"It was impossible to play better, impossible to play a passing game. We played what the game demanded and we played well. We made one defensive mistake. 

"We have an open result for the second leg with a little advantage for us. There are no injuries. I think we had a positive result. We know we need to win or to have a 0-0 draw so the game is open, the tie is open. But, in these circumstances, I think it was a good result.

"The game plan was that we know they don't try to play – they tried to put the ball always to the front, into their strikers. That's the way they play on this pitch and so the best thing to do was to play three at the back. Our three central defenders had a very positive game. The midfield fought for the second goal and tried to give something in attack.

“An away goal is always positive; it's better 1-1 than 0-0, obviously. But the game is open, the result is open and this Rostov team has experience of playing big matches, big opponents, big stadiums. I don’t think it's a problem for them to go to Old Trafford and play us. 

"They play Sunday against Terek Grozny, we play Monday against Chelsea – they know they have more time. It's more difficult but we are one step from the quarter-finals. Old Trafford will push us and hopefully we'll get to the quarter-finals."