The veteran Swedish striker has an option to stay with the Manchester United club for the second year but the special one says he understands if he wants to join a new club.


The Manchester United coach says he does not have any objection if Zlatan and his family leave the Club.

In the beginning of this season, the Swedish striker has joined the Manchester United side from the PSG side on a free transfer and right now he is in a discussion with the Manchester United side over an extension.

This season the Swedish striker is playing some impeccable football for the Manchester United side as so far he has scored 26 goals for them and also he has scored the winner in the EFL cup against the Southampton side.

Though the Manchester United coach is hoping the striker to stay but he avouched that he do not have any objection if wants to depart from the club.

Mourinho said: "I am just calm and waiting for the decision,"

"If the decision is for him to stay and he is happy with that, we are delighted with that.

"If his decision is to leave and try to find a different challenge, I will be also happy for him.

"He is [a big part of our success this season], but the human being is more important than the player and the team. 

"If his decision is to leave and try to be happy with his family and have a different reality, so be it."

Napoli and LA galaxy are among the clubs who wants to have the striker with them.