The Portuguese coach bagatelle Paul Pogba and the striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as they could have won the match for them after the draw on a tame less goalless draw.

The Red Devils new manager has criticized their new signing 23 year old French midfielder because of his lack of influence during the match 0-0 draw at Liverpool.

Under the special one in the last match against Liverpool Manchester united defended well throughout the match, but they left lot to be longing in attack.

Mourniho accentuate pogba’s relative ambiguity in attack as the problem, as well as their new striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed a golden opportunity in the second half.

"Had it been 1-0, it would have been finished," Mourinho told . "Where Pogba was playing, I was expecting more penetration.

"Defensively we did really well, we should have had a little bit more. We had a big chance that I thought Zlatan was going to score.

"It was a very difficult game for us and for them. More difficult game for them than us. We started really well and were completely in control.

"The game was completely under control. We controlled very well the emotions of the game. We could influence the crowd. They were waiting for an easy match."

In their next match The Red Devils will face Fenerbahce in the Europa League at Old Trafford on Thursday.