The Portuguese will return to his former club with his new crew and he persists that he will put his gritting by his old team mates.

The former Blues boss believes that he has some special memories with his old clubs that will not stop him by doing his job at Sunday when he will take his Red Devils side with him to the Stamford Bridge in this Sunday.

The Portuguese is the most famous coach among the Chelsea fans, and he has own three Premier league titles with the Blues over his two spells in charge with them.

But he believe in that he is not sure what kind of gritting he will get from the Blues fans on this Sunday, he is concern with the job done by his crew in the Sunday against his old club.

"To say I care is not true because, to be honest, when I go to a football match, I do not focus on that. I focus on the game, I try to prepare myself for matches, so I cannot say that I care,

" he told reporters. "What can I expect? I don't know. They can think about me and remember our great relationship and have a good reaction.

They can look at me and say 'for 90 minutes he is Man Utd manager and he's playing against us so he is not somebody we like in this moment'." In this December the Blues has sacked him after a imperiled start to the season which left the club in linger in the relegation place. "Some managers,

when they leave clubs, they like to wash their dirty clothes, which means they'd speak about what happened. They go back and speak and speak and speak,"

he continued.

"I'm not that. I leave the clubs and I leave with a very good feeling, a feeling of I did everything to succeed, I gave everything to the club and I don't like to go back and speak – especially about the bad things.