This season the Manchester United side is set to finish sixth in the EPL this season, but the Portuguese manager thinks that their Europa league match against Ajax is not that important.


This season the Manchester United side failed to book their spot on the top four of the table but the Portuguese manager of Manchester United reiterated that their showpieces against Ajax in the Europa league will not determine their season.

In the recent past, United lost their match against the Tottenham side by 2-1 goals in their domestic league and that ruled out their path for qualify of Next season’s champion’s league through the Domestic season.

Under Mourinho’s wing, this season United managed to win the EFL cup and they are standing on the verge of winning the Europa cup this term.

If they managed to beat Ajax in the final then they will automatically book their spot in the next year’s Champions league but the Portuguese manager stressed that one match cannot evaluate his team’s performance over the whole year.

He voiced: "I understand that from the press' point of view and your perspective that [the Europa League final] is the big headline,"

"I understand that we are in the final and to be back in the Champions League makes a whole difference for all of you and youanalyse a team's season.

"But I know what I gave and I know what the players gave. From our perspective we are not going to accept that one goal, one save, one post, something that is going to decide a final, is going to decide if we worked well or worked bad. 

"I think we gave everything we could give, we fought against so many difficult circumstances and I'm proud of the boys no matter what."