Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho wants his player to be the star of the club



Henrikh Mkhitaryan did  not appear in a single match so far and boss Mourinho did not want to create pressure on the Armanian player as he belives Mkhitaryan will succeed in the team at any cost.


There had been three games played by Manchester United against Leicester, Bournemouth and Southampton. In all the matches United defeated their rivals but Mkhitaryan did not come up. Expectations were that, the Armanian will be showing his talent directly from the team but Mourinho did not allow to do so.


"It's difficult but if Mata is on the bench, you tell me I want to kick him out and want to sell him," said Mourinho.

"If I don't play Martial it's because he is in crisis, or if I don't play Ashley Young, it's because I don't like Ashley Young. If it's Memphis Depay, it is because he is on his way out…

"It is because I think the others [starting ahead of Mkhitaryan] are playing really well.” The boss added.

"When some managers buy players they play them for sure because they think about protecting themselves – 'I bought this player, I have to show the world I was right.'

"No – the first thing I think about is my team, not myself.

"Because I know he is a super player and I know for sure he will succeed, I am not in a hurry to say he plays every game now from the beginning, to show everyone how good he is. No.

"But he is ready to play and maybe he will play [in United's away league clash with Hull]."

"I think when a team is not playing especially well and in the middle of that average level somebody comes out of that, he goes immediately to the highlight.” Concluded the boss.