Mohun Bagan- Team is not ready to play the Derby-Norde


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This season the Mohub Bagan’s captain expressed his disappointment after his club let go Katsumi Yusa to join East Bengal.

Ahead of their 2017-18 I league campaign Mohun Bagan fans have mixed feelings,this season their Prolific striker Sony Norde was back in the team forgoing Big Money move to ISL.

The newly appointed Mariners  Captain sent out indomitable signals  with the highly anticipated Kolkata Derby against their Arch Rivals East Bengal which is few days away and pointed out the schedule makers of I league.

He voiced: "The derby has come too early. I feel that Mohun Bagan is not ready to play derby. After the first two games, the derby has been scheduled. This is the first time I am seeing this. First time I feel a little pressurised, as I can see that my team is not ready to play the derby",

"I am continuing with Bagan for the fans. Mohun Bagan has been the first team who brought me to India, and I have to give back whatever it has given me. The last three years if I am successful it is all because of Mohun Bagan",

The Mohun Bagan captain also spoken out his frustration to the club officials after they let go Kasumi Yusa to join East Begnal and he said it was bad decision for the club.

Norde Opined: "It is very unfortunate for us that Katsumi joined East Bengal. He was one of the most consistent players for us in the past three seasons. For me, it was a bad decision to release Katsumi. When I came to my first practise session this year on September 25, everybody was new, except Shilton (Paul) and Kingshuk Debnath. But it is football, we have to adapt and understand each other in this short span of time. We played some practice games and we hope to build a good understanding in this short time",

"It's about not about pressure anymore. But yes I am the captain of my team so I have added responsibility to organise my team. I will definitely try to score in every game as that will ensure a win for Mohun Bagan",