The Croatian international persist that his side also had to refer decisions to be unhappy about in the Champions league clash against the Bayern Munich side but no one notices that.


Real Madrid’s victory over the Bayern Munich side was overshadowed by the referring decisions and Modric is not so happy with it.

The Los Blancos midfielder avouched that the People only notice when the Referring decisions only go for them not when they go against them.

In the Champions league quarter-final the Real Madrid side defeated the Bayern Munich side on a 6-3 aggregate over the two legs.

In that match when match surpassed to the extra time Ronaldo scored two goals against them and the German side was furious with it as they claimed that both the goals scored by him was offside and also they claimed that Vidal’s second yellow card was unjustified.

In an interview, he said: "I feel sorry that there are controversies after our win against Bayern because I am convinced we were better in two games, created more chances and once again made Manuel Neuer look great,"

"I am used to it now that every refereeing decision in Real's favor gets big publicity and when it goes against us, no one notices it.


"Bayern got a penalty that never was in Munich, Sergio Ramos' own goal came after an offside and Vidal should have got a second yellow in the 47th minute.


"But I don't want to discuss [what Barcelona's Gerard Pique has said about referees].


"I was against VAR in Japan at the Club World Cup because it lasted too long and match officials were not handling it well.


"But after I saw it in the France v Spain game, I saw it can be very good for football."