The 54-year-old Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho is amazed at the change of behavior in the time of 10 years and wants more young players to be more committed to their works.


According to the Manchester United, head coach players have become less mature in the space of the 10 years.

The Portuguese coach is involved in coaching for 20 years and in his coating career he has some incredible players and also won many domestic trophies with different clubs in different countries and also Champions league with Porto Inter Milan,

Now he is in charge of Manchester United and under him, Manchester United side is playing some wonderful football and everyone expecting that under his wing they will reach the Pinnacle stage of English and European football.

He believes nowadays there are some flaws are there in the youngsters and persist the kind of young players he had got back at 2004 at Stamford Bridge are just not there.

In an interview, he said: "I had to adapt to a new world. To what young players are now,"

"I had to understand the difference between working with a boy like Frank Lampard, who, at the age of 23 was already a man, who thought football, work, professionalism, and the new boys who at the age of 23 are kids.

"Today I call them 'boys' not 'men'. Because I think that they are brats and that everything that surrounds them does not help them in their life nor in my work.

"I had to adjust to all that. Ten years ago, no player had a mobile phone in the dressing room. That is no longer the case.

"But you have to go with it because if you fight that, you are bringing about conflict and you put yourself in the stone age."