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The 28 year old Armenian international and Manchester United player thanks his former boss for making him a better player and also says that his former boss helped him highly in his Dortmund days.


The Manchester United manager has disclosed his gratefulness to the 49 year old German manager Jurgen Klopp, he believes because of him to become the player today.

Both of them had previously worked at the German club, Dortmund and after that the German manager leaves the German club and joined the Liverpool side and just in the next year the German player joined their rivals the Manchester United side.

In the beginning the Armenian international faced some tough time at Old Trafford but now under the Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho he is flourishing and he said that the German coach helped him in the tough time of his career.

He added: "I am thankful to Klopp. He worked on my personality and the psychological part,"

"At Dortmund, I was very stressed after a few games when we were playing really bad. Klopp showed me the way. 

“He supported me and told me I had to keep my head up because good things were coming. He helped me to become a player."

Mkhitaryan also thinks that his previous manager and his present manager Mourinho have a lot more similarities between them.

Now he’s  had learned how to workwith the Portuguese manager.

He added: "They are both very friendly and very good at their jobs but the way they work is different,”

"It is the first year under Jose's management and we are working very hard. He tells us what he wants to see. Of course, it is not very easy when you have a new manager. 

"You have to adapt to him and the team, the training sessions and the games. At the beginning we had a little bit of difficulties but then we started winning in November."