The Armenian play maker is hoping that his side could finish at the top four despite it is their worst league start after 1989.


The Manchester United player Mkhitaryan is hopeful that they can finish their season in the top four of the EPL and he is not to throw the towel yet.
In their last 27 year it is their worst start in the Premier league under the special one but they are not given up their hope on playing in the Champions league yet.

Now the Manchester United is sitting in the sixth spot on the EPL table with 21 points and they are still nine points behind form Manchester City, who are sitting at the fourth spot.

They lost their Europa league match convincingly against their rival Feyenoord, and they are desperate to retain their Europa league form in their domestic league to increase their chance to play in the Champions league.

Tonight the Red Devils will play FOOTBALL MATCH against Zorya in the Europa league and they need one point from this match to qualify for the next stage in the Europa league.

The 27 year old winger added: “We haven’t given up in the Premier League yet,

“So we're not saying we are out of the competition.”

“We're still in the competition and there are a lot of games to play, so we're trying to do our best to be in the top four.

“And, of course, in the Europa League we're going to try and go as far as we can.”

Mourinho resounded Mkhitaryan and he want his side to reach at the next stage in the Europa League though they have match on Thursday and after than on Sunday.

The special one voiced:  

"We go in the same direction,”

“We assumed from the beginning that it was an important competition for us, but difficult because we play Thursdays and then Sundays.