After so many days the Armenian international finally getting chances to play in the starting lineup for Manchester United and so he is desperate to hold on his position in the first team.


The 27 year old player blames himself for not getting the first team football for his recent teams and he told that if there is anyone to blame him not to Mourinho.

In 2015-2016 the 27 year old former Dortmund player awarded the Bundesliga player of the year, and he came to the Manchester United with a huge expectation this year.

In his first match with his new team he does not able to perform in that match and that’s why the special one substituted him in the half time and as a cause the Manchester United side lost the match to their Arch rival Manchester City by 2-1, and in his earlier life he struggled a lot to adapt the EPL football.

Mpurinho thinks that the Armenina international struggled in high pressure matches and against big teams, but the playmaker persist that he do not have any bad relation with his boss.

The 27 year old added:

"There was no bad relation with him [Mourinho], it was always good but the problem wasn't him, it was me,"

"Now I understand why I have got my chance and I will keep it, I will hold it, because it is very important for me to play, to be a part of Manchester United.

"I was thinking that I would be here as a starting line-up player but when I arrived I saw that there were 25 players fighting for their place and I understood that it wasn't going to be easy.

"I had a bad game against Manchester City but that is in the past so I kept working. I have done a great job to get my chance back and I think I did it a really long way until I start playing."

In EFl  cup his performance against West Ham was outstanding and for his performance in that match he received a standing ovation and also got his name  in their starting  lineup their  next match against Everton.