The President of AC Milan tried very much to lay down an impact for the team, as per the ex-coach stated that nobody knew the reason for what he was being sacked. 


Former boss of AC Milan Sinisa Mihajlovic affirmed the president of the club that Silvio Berlusconi himself wanted to manage the team, and added nobody can give any clue behind the reason for what he was sacked.

Although the Serbian had guided Milan to sixth in Serie A and into the Coppa Italia final, Cristian Brocchi.came in as a replacement after he was sacked in last April.

On this contrary he said,

"Nobody understood my sacking, neither the fans nor the squad. I have never received so many phone calls of support and solidarity," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Not only was he the most successful president in the world for 30 years but he is also a Milan fan.

"Problems arise when these two roles aren't enough and you want to do more – even being the coach.

"Let's just say he didn't hide his ideas, but it was always me who picked the team and the system.

"I was sorry to read some of his negative statements after the sacking, they were so exaggerated that they couldn't be credible. I still thank him for the opportunity he gave me and wish him well for the future."