Lionel Messi will not play for Argentina anymore neither he will reverse his retirement says Maradona


Diego Maradona, the 1986 World Cup winner surmises that the Barcelona star will not be playing anymore for his country due to the inadequate leadership of Argentine Football Federation (AFA). Messi announced his retirement right after he missed the penalty shot against Chile in Copa America which was counted as his third vital beat within years.


Edgardo Bauza went to Spain on Wednesday for a chat with the Barcelona star about his future that if he really wanted to return to the soccer world but Maradona assumes that Messi will not move from his given word neither he will change his retirement plans.


"I think Messi is going to say no to Bauza. This is my thinking. Maybe I'm wrong," said Maradona.


"We are very bad. We run the risk of not going to Qatar. I've never seen such weak leadership.”


"What happened with Messi exposes what's been going on for a lifetime.  How is it that the families of the [AFA] leaders are more comfortable than the players?" he added.