The Barcelona star will return to Argentina as he loves his country more than anything else



Lionel Messi will be returning to Argentina squad for the love for his country. The Barcelona forward announced his retirement soon after he lost the match against Chile in Copa America finals. The decision shook the entire football world. Presently, he is planning to return to the team as he announced his retirement out of frustration. The loss to Chile was the third major final defeat for Messi’s team within years.


"A lot of things went through my mind on the night of the final and I gave serious thought to quitting, but my love for my country and this shirt is too great," said the 29-year-old Barcelona forward.


Messi’s retirement decision created a havoc in the world of soccer, street rallies were held, online messages were sent to the star demanding to stay in the club. According to Messi, he cannot betray his fans and his country’s love is too great for him which made him to think twice upon the decision. On the other hand some orthodox theory suggest that Messi’s comparison to a patriot is an insult to the world. The star faked his retirement in order to avoid criticism.


Coach Edgardo Bauza had a quick chat with the star on Friday and told the press that he managed to convince Messi to return to the club.


"I sense that Messi wants to rejoin the squad" said Bauza


"I have no doubt that he wants to rejoin the national team… I will talk to him today and finish my list." the coach added.