Messi not an Argentina legend like Maradona: Rivaldo

Football News: Brazilian world cup winner believes lack of international success with his country could undermine Messi’s legacy in Argentina.

Messi is no near in comparison with Maradona.

The former Barcelona man believes if this time Messi unable to claim the world cup glory with his team then he will miss something from his legacy.

In today’s generation Messi is regarded as one of the greatest footballers, he has won 23 trophies with his club side; also he is the highest goal scorer for his country but fails to win any single major trophy with his country.

Diego Maradona has won the world cup with his side in 1986 and became the Argentine hero, Though Rivaldo is a huge fan of the little Argentine he feels that Messi would fell short of Maradona if he fails to win it from Russia.

Rivaldo voiced: "Well Messi is already a legend for everything he has done at Barcelona and for football,"

"You can’t say anymore than that. Obviously, Argentina as a country had Maradona as their biggest star who won the World Cup.

"So maybe for Argentinians, Messi isn’t at the same level of legend as well because for the supporters of a country, it doesn’t matter what you have done for your club. Messi has won so many titles with Barcelona, the Champions League many times and La Liga.

"This is important for the supporters of the club but for the Argentinian people, it is important to win the World Cup. Of course, you can understand that because of all the football competitions the World Cup is the most important and it is the top prize.

"If you haven’t won that then people may perceive that you need to do so. I think that until Messi wins the World Cup, Argentinians won’t consider him as a legend at the same level as Maradona but I believe Messi is 100 per cent. He has done so much for club and country now.

"He is 100% now, he has got the quality and Argentina is playing well. Hopefully, he will get them to the final because maybe this is his last chance to do that. He may not be a legend for all Argentinian people but for football as a whole, he is already a legend."