Messi goes to the toilet too much: Maradona

Football News: Lionel Messi has been leading Argentine for the last few years, but one of Argentine legend questioned about on his role.

The Argentine world cup winner questioned about Messi’s captaincy ability.

Diego Maradona believes that Lionel Messi is one an Ideal captain; he accused him of going to the toilet at least 20 times before a match.

In his career so far he has been an iconic personal in this world of football, and so far he has claimed five times Ballon d’Or award for his wonderful contribution in this game, and he is also accustomed to shouldering pressure and expectation.

But however, he never managed to take the burden of captaincy for his country and club in recent times.

According to Maradona, Messi is the wrong choice for Argentina as a leader, though he feels he is the best player for the country he does not have the qualities to lead others.

In an interview, the 1986 superhero voiced:: “Messi’s a great player, but he’s not a leader.

“Before talking to the coach and players, he’ll play on the PlayStation. Then, on the field, he wants to be the leader. He’s the best in the world with Cristiano [Ronaldo].

“For me, it’s difficult to say it but it’s useless to make a leader out of a man who goes to the bathroom 20 times before a game.

“There’s no two ways about it. Let’s stop making a God out of Messi. Messi is just another player for Argentina.”

After the world cup exit at Russia against France, Messi Haven’t featured for his country under their interim manager Scaloni,

He is right now ruled out himself from contention, and that forced the Interim manager to go for alternative options,

But all the Argentine fans are hopeful that he will come back and play for them but Maradona thinks there is no hurry to call him and his recall can be considered.

He added: “I wouldn’t call him up right now, but never say never. We have to take the pressure off him.

“We have to take the leadership away from Messi for him to be the Messi we want him to be.

“I’d make him play as I want. I’d call him up and play him how I know Messi plays.”

So far Messi has earned 128 caps for his country few short from the legendary Javier Mascherano.