After the announcement of retiring from the international football, recently the Argentine and the Barcelona’s star forward Leonel Messi has announced that he reconsidered his decision of retiring from the Argentine national football team.


And his team mate Javier Mascherano has revealed the reason behind the 29-years-old shocking decision, he believes that it’s all because of frustration. The Frustration of losing four major international finals continuously and the last Copa America final lost to Chile broke him down.

But last Friday Messi reconsidered his decision of retirement from the Argentina national team and looking forward to play the world cup qualifiers against Venezuela and Uruguay.

In an interview the Argentine and Barcelona’s star defender Javier Mascherano said, “Leo felt very frustrated after the final defeat. We all had our heads in other places. It's very hard to pick yourself up after three final defeats in a row,"

"I don't think Leo said 100 per cent that he was leaving, he was just very frustrated. But after thinking about things I think he realized he still has a lot to bring to the team and the country.

"He's perhaps not that used to losing because he's had such a fabulous career, but it's part of life in sport.

"Obviously there is a new coach, he needs to pick up points in the qualifiers. We've got six key games and we really need to get the points. He needs to make sure we get the simple things right and improve the things he thinks we need to.

"We haven't won a title for so many years but we've always been competitive." He added.