The 29 year old Argentine Ace Lionel Messi got the second spot in the last time’s Ballon d'Or award, but the striker thinks that he should win it every year.


The Catalan striker Luis Suarez avouched that his club team mate Lionel Messi deserves to win the Ballon d'Or every year.


The Argentine striker has won it five times, which is highest by any individuals and he got vote for the all the International managers Captains and Journalists over the world.

But his counterpart Cristiano Ronaldo has won three of the last four times, and they both have the greatest football player rivalry in the football domain.
But according to the Catalan striker Messi is the Best player around the world.

In an interview with the France football he said: "All players dream of winning [the Ballon d'Or],"

"But today, there is one player who deserves to win it every year, and it is Leo [Messi].

"Then, if there is another who aspires to win it, it is Neymar. He has the qualities to win it."

Right now the Barcelona team contains many world class players with them, but right now they are in a tricky situation.

In the recent past, they faced defeat from the PSG side by 4-0 goals in the Champions league and in the Wednesday they will host them at the Camp Nou,

The Uruguayan striker believes that if any team can deficit the score and win the match then they are the only team in the world who can do it.

He voiced: "There is a return leg to play,"

"We will do everything to put across a different perception of Barca and show people what the real Barcelona is .

"It will be difficult to reverse the situation, but not impossible. If any team can overthrow such a score, it is Barca. We have the qualities and the character to get out of this complicated situation."