According to the Argentine their new Spanish coach Luis Enrique like to play direct football and counter attacking football while he thinks their former Spanish manager Pep Guardiola will succeed at his present club.

The five time Ballon d'Or winner admits that the Barcelona has changed after the Spanish tactician has left they ,now in days they plays counter attacking football and more of a direct football, and this Sunday he will play agaisnt his former coach’s side Manchester City in the champions league match.

Earlier in this month the Sky Blues visited the Camp nou under Guardiola, and there the Catalan side stumped over their opponents and beat them by 4-0,wherer the little magician scored a hat trick against Manchester City.

And now in this Tuesday they will clash against each other at the Ethiad stadium, both the team are prepared for the returned fixtures, but the 29 year old Messi is brood on the differences between his current coach and in his former coach.

“In reality, the system of Barcelona is something that everyone knows," the forward explained to the Sun.

“I can say we are one of the few clubs that have it, but each boss has different things and applies them as he sees fit.

“We have not noticed massive changes but, yes, some — in that with Luis maybe now we are a bit more aggressive when we attack at speed, whilst with Pep we used counter-attacks less.”

He added: “City are a great team. They have always been a great team each year we have faced them but now, by having Pep, they will grow more through his work,".