Messi can be stopped-Lovern

Football News: After Iceland stopped the best player in the world , the Crotian international believes that they can do the same with the Argentine star.

Lovern believes that Crotia can stop the Argentine international.

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The Reds defender avouches that his side is fearless to envisage the Argentine in their group fixture.

After one match the Crotia team is leading the group D, after they defeated the Negiria team in their opening fixture by 2-0 goals, meanwhile the Argentine team drawn their first match against the Iceland.

In that encounter the Argentine skipper displayed off key display and even he missed a penalty as well, though the Crotian international remains respectful for the Argentine star and has drawn inspiration from the manner he was stopped against Iceland.

Lovern voiced: “They have one of the best players in the world, maybe the best, in Messi, but when you saw their game against Iceland, they did a great job and showed how to defend against him,”

“You can’t stop him with one player, you have to defend like a team. You saw that with Iceland.”

He added: “We know how to play against the big teams and we are not scared of them,”

“It’s an honour, of course, to play against the biggest players in the world. A few weeks ago, I played against Cristiano Ronaldo [in the Champions League final], two weeks ago it was Neymar [in a friendly] and now it’s Messi. That’s something you want to do from childhood – to play against the biggest.”