The youngster of Monaco Mbappe says that he and his teammates are not concerned about the Champions league draw for the Semi Finals.


In the quarter final of the Champions league last night the Monaco side thrashed the Dortmund side by 3-1 goals and on an aggregate by 6-3 goals.

Last night also the young sensation scored a goal for his side within just three minutes and with that, he became the youngest player to score more than five goals in the Champions league.

After this goal, the Colombian attacker Falcao and the Frenchman Germain scored one goal each for the home side and they saw off the German side in the competition.

After the match, Mbappe said:  "What more could you ask for than to be in the semi-finals?"

"Well, I suppose we could be in the final! 

"If we hadn't thought we could do it, we wouldn't have done it. After every step we've taken we've looked at it and we've kept working. We have to keep going along the same lines and look at what didn't work so well today;

I think that at some points we were too passive, we sat too deep. Against good teams, you're always going to have to do that sometimes, but the result was good.

"I don't mind who we draw next; in the semi-finals, there's only huge clubs and we don't want to avoid anyone."

After 2003-2004 it was the first time the Ligue 1 side reached that far in this competition, the French player believes that their attacking tactics have been the decisive factor for them.

He added: "It's been an incredible season and we're a bunch of mates who manage to enjoy ourselves out on the pitch,"

"We're really pleased about that and we hope it continues. 

"We try not to let the pressure get into our heads and play the way we usually do. We play attacking football. That’s what we do best and today it worked as we qualified for the semi-finals. The Champions League is very difficult and you need to keep your concentration at all times. I try to do what I know how to do and for now it's working.

"Of the five goals I've scored in this competition my favorite was my second goal in the first leg against Dortmund. That was the most beautiful of the lot for me."