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Last night the English striker netted two goals for his side and because of that the Tottenham side manages to win against west ham in EPL MATCH.


The 23 year old English striker displayed some excellent football last night as he scored two crucial goals for his side in the last last two minutes and won the match for his team.

The England international played that match after seven weeks, for the rest period he was suffering for the ankle ligament damage.

Because for him the Pochettino’s side manage to win a match after eight game and Hary  kane guided the ball into the net in the 89 the minute when his team mate Son Heung-min made a excellent ball towards him.

After that in the dying minutes the English striker netted his second goal with a penalty, and won the game for his team.

Tottenham manager said about him:

"He's back!", "He's one of the best strikers in the world. When you play without your main striker for 10 or 11 games it's tough for any team. He's a player who is very important for us.

"It wasn't ideal to have Harry on the pitch for 96 minutes, that's true, but it's difficult to take him off when you need to win the game. In the end we pushed him but now he's very happy with energy and that can help him recover."

After last night match the Tottenham side moved to the fifth to the EPL table one point away from their local rival Arsenal.

The Argentine boss added: "The table looks much better, we are three points off the top and 12 unbeaten from the beginning," he added.

"It was really important to get the three points, it was a very tough game, I'm very pleased with the performance.

"West Ham were very good and we showed big character and personality, the team always try to find the goal and for that I am very pleased. The players fought until the last minute and the reward was unbelievable."