The Serbian international and the Chelsea’s midfielder Matic believes that Tottenham is the hardest team to face in this season for them and but he also avouched that they are ready to face them.


According to Matic the Tottenham side is the toughest side they have faced in this season and he also said that they are also ready to outsmart them in the FA cup semi final.

This Sunday both the EPL giants will face each other in the FA cup Semi final and both the teams will try bite the dust to their opponent and to reach to the Final.

In their first match on the EPL the Tottenham side defeated the Chelsea side by 2-0 goals, but in the return fixture they faced a defeat against the Chelsea side by 2-1 goals.

Matic also avouched that they are the toughest cookie to break down this season.

He said: "They are very good, for me maybe the strongest in the Premier League from the opponents we have faced this season,"

"They are hard to play against because they are strong physically and they can also play with the ball. So we must be ready for that, to stop them and to play our game.

"Every game is different but we know they are going to be aggressive. They have many good players and we have to be ready for that. We have trained well this week and I am sure we will be."

Matic believes the Tottenham side will have an advantage in their match premier league title race as they are just four points away from the Chelsea side.

He added: "Maybe [the winners could land a psychological blow] – we will see about that,"

"After the semi-final we have to focus on the Premier League. We have six games left and five we have to win if we want to be champions. That is all we players will think about, whatever happens at Wembley.

"But really we want to be in the final and we will try to do everything to be there.

"Most of this team have not won the FA Cup and we would like to win it. We also know it is something special for the people. We are confident we can do it."