The football expert Niall Quinn thinks that the 21 year old French international should perform more often for the Red Devils to get the first team football under the special one.


Last night the Manchester United side defeated the Watford side by 2-0 goal, and the French youngster was impressed during that match.

In that match he scored one goal and made an important assist.

There were rumors that after this season he will be looking for a new club and this season the youngster has been benched by the special one most of the time.

This season the Red Devils new manager told the youngster earlier that if he wants a first team football then he must improve his form.

In an interview the football pundit said: "In the first 15, 20 [minutes] he gave the ball away a bit, and then he really got the bit between his teeth and got the hang of it.

"He started playing a very important part, obviously with the cross to set up the first, but he got really direct otherwise.

"He can turn it on, we know that, we've seen it in snapshots, we just need to see it more often. He was a real threat all day, he was lively and did things at pace, but he did real intelligent things.

"He got his reward with the goal, and it was an opportunity he had to take, and he did. That will give him the confidence to kick on."

After the last night match the Portuguese manager was impressed with the youngster’s performance and in the post match presentation he added:

"The Anthony Martial I want is the Anthony Martial of the last two weeks of training,"

"Because if he trains the way he did in the past two weeks, he performs naturally the way he did today or better because I think he still misses a little bit his confidence.

"I kept shouting to him, 'Attack the defender, go to the one against one'.

"I gave him the chance to start. Normally I would start with Marcus Rashford because he played well, and the team played well, at Leicester [3-0 win last weekend], but I thought Marcus doesn't need a boost – his confidence levels are normal.

"Anthony needs to feel that I am looking at him, that I know what he did in training, the effort he did in training, so I gave him this chance and he played well. He played a good game."