The Brazilian international looked down on Diego Maradona about that infamous hand of god goal and Maradona to replied Dani Alves in one of the most morbid manner.


Maradona called Alves "An Idiot" after the later denounced Maradona's Hand  of  God miracle in the 1986 world cup.

The 86 Mexcio world cup was one of the glorious tournament in the Argentine football history as Diego Maradona took his side to fame and glory by winning that world cup and in that world cup apart from that Hand of God controversial goal Maradona also scored one of the finest goals in the history of world football in that same match against England in the Quarter final.

But that didn't seem to bother Dani Alves as in a very controversial statement he voiced that Diego Maradona should not be looked up as a Role model.

He added:

"You want to compare Messi to Maradona? You can't compare them,"

"I would not be proud to say that I won a World Cup with a 'Hand of God.' I wouldn't be able to tell my son that I won a World Cup like this with the whole world talking about it.

"The 'Hand of God' tricked us, you have to take this firm position. A sportsman like this can't be an example for youngsters."

In a reply to what  Alves said the Argentine legend has said that he is a very bad example of full back position and mocked him too.

Maradona voiced: "Dani Alves is an idiot. He makes 28 passes and only gets four right. As a '4' [right-back], Cafu and Maicon were good. Dani Alves? Poor thing,"

"He speaks because he plays in a position on the pitch where football is not played. They [right-backs] touch the ball three times and make eight fouls per game."